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NEWS | August 3, 2020

Celebrate National Health Center Week

National Health Center Week (August 9-15) is an annual celebration with the goal of raising awareness about the mission and accomplishments of America’s health centers over the past five decades. Community Health Centers serve as the beacon of strength, service, and care in their communities. In moments of pain and loss, they offer support and love. In moments of triumph, they offer hope and a vision for the future. Let’s come together this week to celebrate the roles Community Health Centers have played in both our recent moments of loss and triumph. This year National Health Center Week honors those frontline providers, staff, and patients who lost their lives during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. From the very beginning of the crisis, Community Health Centers began finding innovative ways to provide preventative and primary care to their patients. To learn more visit If you wish to donate to Lincoln Community Health Center click “Donate” at the top of this page. We thank you for your support.

NEWS | May 28, 2020

Important Luncheon Announcement

We regret to inform you that the 8th Annual Legacy Award Luncheon will not be held in 2020. Ms. Carolyn Henderson will be recognized at next year’s Legacy Award Luncheon so that her friends and family can be part of the celebration. The LCHCF has made a $10,000 emergency relief grant to Lincoln Community Health Center for the COVID-19 response. Lincoln remained open and has incurred many unplanned expenses and has lost significant revenue while responding to COVID-19, including patient testing. As of May 22, Lincoln has tested 224 patients, with 78 patients testing positive for COVID-19. Each day Lincoln treats hundreds of people for routine medical care, regardless of income or insurance. If you have already donated this year, we thank you. We hope that you still will make an annual contribution in lieu of the luncheon. Contributions of any size will be accepted through year-end, either via check payable to LCHCF, or on our website. You will hear more in the coming months about our annual meeting and plans for the fall. We are sorry not to be able to celebrate with our friends and supporters this year; however, it is in the best interest of everyone’s safety that we err on the side of caution at this time.

NEWS | May 12, 2020

Honoring Carolyn Henderson

Friday May 8 would have been the LCHCF 8th Annual Legacy Award Luncheon. Although a final decision on the 2020 luncheon has not yet been made, this would be a great time to make a donation in support of the staff and providers at Lincoln Community Health Center who have been on the front line of the COVID-19 response. Lincoln is providing drive through testing, and has referred patients who have tested positive to Duke Health for treatment. If you would like to say thank you, please use the “Donate” button to make a secure donation.

NEWS | May 1, 2020

Lincoln’s COVID-19 Response

As of May 1, Lincoln Community Health Center has helped respond to the COVID-19 outbreak in Durham County with the following outcomes: 64 patients have been tested; 13 patients have tested positive (approximately 22%); 24 additional patients have been tested at Duke and found positive. The previous week 25 – 30 tests were performed via drive thru testing; this week 30 – 35 patients have been tested. Lincoln has a goal to increase testing next week by up to 52 – 57 patients. As a comparison, Durham County has reported 736 confirmed cases and 20 deaths. Thank you to the Lincoln senior leadership, and frontline responders, for rising to the challenge to meet the testing need in our community. If you wish to contribute, please use the “Donate” button at the top of this page.