The Lincoln Community Health Center Foundation, Inc. is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization whose vision is to become Lincoln Community Health Center’s primary ambassadors by fostering partnerships through fundraising, education and engaging donors. Our mission is to enhance the quality of health and improve access to healthcare in Durham and surrounding areas. The Foundation was incorporated in 2008 under the guidance of Joyce C. Nichols, PA and other community leaders. All funds raised help support patient services at Lincoln Community Health Center.


Lincoln Community Health Center has proudly served the Durham community since 1971. Lincoln provides comprehensive, patient-centered primary care for children and adults of all ages. Lincoln serves over 36,000 patients annually, many of whom are low income and under or uninsured. The Foundation is needed because Lincoln’s resources alone are not enough to serve a high proportion of low income and uninsured patients. We will continue to need financial assistance from the broader Durham community to ensure all our citizens have access to affordable medical care.


We are in uncertain times, and funding for community health centers can be unpredictable. Fundraising occurs throughout the year, and includes hosting an annual Legacy Award Luncheon that recognizes pioneers and exceptional supporters of Lincoln Community Health Center. The Foundation welcomes financial support from business, private philanthropy, and the general public. The Foundation makes an annual contribution to Lincoln Community Health Center, and helps pay for needed supplies, equipment and other patient services.


Lincoln Hospital was founded in 1901 to serve African Americans of Durham County and surrounding areas. With original hospital construction financed by the Duke family, Lincoln served as the primary African American hospital in Durham until 1976, when it closed and transferred its inpatient services to Durham County General Hospital (today Duke Regional Hospital).

Lincoln Community Health Center was founded in 1971 in the basement of Lincoln Hospital by Dr. Charles DeWitt Watts, the first African American board certified surgeon in North Carolina. The Lincoln Community Health Center emerged from Dr. Watts and others’ desire to treat a low income, underserved population in the community where they lived and worked. Dr. Watts died in 2004 at age 86. Today, Lincoln Community Health Center is accredited and certified as a Primary Care Medical Home by The Joint Commission and offers a wide range of services including pediatrics, adolescent health, adult and family medicine, dental and behavioral health.

The Lincoln Community Health Center Foundation, Inc. was incorporated on September 25, 2008 under the leadership of Joyce C. Nichols, PA to serve as the fundraising arm of Lincoln Community Health Center. Ms. Nichols passed away on July 29, 2012. The Foundation continues her legacy, governed by a volunteer Board of Directors and invited Advisory Members. Money raised by the Foundation can only pass to Lincoln Community Health Center.


  • Dr. Gladys C. Burnette
  • Debra Clark Jones
  • Dr. Arnett Coleman
  • Ariel V. Germain
  • Rev. Dr. Joseph S. Harvard
  • Jamaal K. Livan
  • Dr. Kimberly Moore
  • Rev. Dr. Michael D. Page
  • Dr. Victoria Orto
  • Atty. John W. Perry
  • Michelle Boyette Rouse
  • Craig Savage
  • Taylor Walker
  • Lascel A. Webley, Jr.


  • James Amos
  • Dr. Shirley Arrington
  • Dr. Tyrone Baines
  • Margaret S. Borders
  • Claretta Foye
  • Annie Hamilton
  • Tracy Lovett
  • Joyce Page
  • Wanda Page
  • Dr. Alan Portnoy
  • Travis Rouse
  • Queen M. Scarborough
  • C. Eileen Watts Welch
  • Atty. James Williams
  • Sherron Williams