In April, 2020, The LCHC Foundation awarded a grant of $10,000 to Lincoln Community Health Center to assist with the COVID-19 emergency response. Lincoln has incurred many unplanned expenses such as supplies, PPE, temporary construction to screen patients and staff prior to entering the building, and others. Lincoln is also facing a loss of revenue due to much fewer patient visits.

“Our priority goal is the safety of staff, patients, and families,” says Dr. Howard Eisenson, Lincoln Chief Medical Officer. “For example, patients are screened over the phone to triage mild illness, and if they have COVID-19 symptoms they are directed to the ED. Lincoln is practicing social distancing so the building is less populated. We are now able to offer COVID-19 drive up testing as well,” says Dr. Eisenson.

An April survey of North Carolina’s community health centers found 44 percent have walk-up or drive-through testing for COVID-19, and 82 percent of health centers have the ability to test patients. The findings demonstrate the resilience and adaptability of CHC’s working under a host of challenges as frontline responders to the pandemic.

“A special thank you to all our healthcare heroes at Lincoln, and to our many donors and sponsors for their generous support,” says Dr. Michael Page, LCHCF Board Chairperson.