In 2019, the Lincoln Community Health Center Foundation awarded a grant of $40,000 to Lincoln Community Health Center. $20,000 of this grant will be designated to a new program at Lincoln called Centering Parenting.

Centering Parenting is a model of care in which well‐child care is provided in a group setting. In the Centering model, new moms, partners, support persons and their same‐age infants meet together with their healthcare providers and other parents who are facing similar challenges and milestones. In the group, key topics including stress management, nutrition and weight, and family planning are discussed. Centering Parenting fosters a safe and supportive environment to ask questions and creates lifelong bonds between families. Under the direction of Oveta McIntosh-Vick, MD, Chief of Pediatrics, Lincoln will implement Centering Parenting beginning in January, 2019 in conjunction with the Centering Healthcare Institute.

“We are very excited to be selected as a Centering site,” according to Dr. McIntosh-Vick. “This is an important program for new moms and their babies who come to Lincoln for their primary care, and hopefully to introduce new families to Lincoln who may not be aware of all the services we provide.”

“This gift has raised the total grant contributions to Lincoln to over $140,000.” says Carolyn E. Henderson, Board Chairperson of the Lincoln Community Health Center Foundation. “We are grateful and proud of giving back to Lincoln through the generosity of our sponsors and individual donors in our community.”