Lincoln has been testing for COVID-19 since April. We now know the coronavirus affects Hispanics and African Americans disproportionately. Between April 1 and September 4, Lincoln conducted 2,612 COVID-19 tests. Of these, 800 (or 31%) were positive for the virus. Of the 800 positive tests, 85% were Hispanic, 8% were African American, and 1% was Caucasian. More significant, of the 2,612 patient tests, 1,563 identified as Hispanic (roughly in proportion to the overall Lincoln patient population), and of these 681 (or 85% of all positive tests) were positive. However, as a group, 44% of Hispanic patients tested positive (681 of 1,563), which is much higher than the percent of Durham’s Hispanic population as a whole at 13.4%. Clearly, the patient population seen at Lincoln is both at higher risk and demonstrates a greater propensity to having COVID-19, with a higher positivity rate than would be expected based on the Durham population as a whole. If you would like to support testing and other services, please use the Donate button at the top of this page.